Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Apple's Multi-Touch Technology

When I watched Steve Jobs launching the IPhone, I was very impressed by  his presentation skill and I was blown away by the user interface of IPhone. We can control the IPhone at ease using only our fingers. For example, zooming in and out of web pages and photos is done by placing two fingers on the screen and spreading them farther apart or bringing them closer together, an gesture known as "pinching". These can be done by using multi-touch technology.

The people behind this technology are Wayne Westerman and John Elias (picture above). Currently, Westerman is a senior engineer at Apple.That is the reason why I like Apple so much because they make our life so much easier because now everyone is copying them as you can see in the latest handphone in the market (as usual, everybody is copying Apple). Just like the icon and mouse technology. Apple is the first one to use icon in their interface and mouse. Then, everybody copied this technology.End result?Our life is so much easier when using the computer.Thanks to Apple.


  1. i wish for iphone ><
    however, my fr, who is a user of iphone
    said that it is nt that nice...><

    actually i dun noe much about apple...
    hope u introduce more about it...

  2. hey post up abt the new alu mbs and mbps their multi-touch technology is phenomenal. i own an alu mb myself can check it out in my blog. the finger gestures are juz---o.O wicked...go check the full specs of the alu books at peace

  3. i've tried using my friend's iphone..and my roommate is currently using an apple notebook. it's really cool =)

    i wish i can afford one T_T

  4. Aaron, thanks for your invaluable information. Ya I will go check it out.

  5. Aishah, Ya, I wish I can afford one too especially iPhone. It is very cool especially the multi-touch user interface

  6. ivytan, yeah my friends who is a iPhone user say it is very good but different people may have different opinion. one thing for sure, it is a very innovative product

  7. i love iPhone ~ especially the way browse the photos ~ Nice ~