Tuesday, March 3, 2009

CooL Application for iPhone 3G

Have you ever encounter a problem where you listen to a very nice song on radio but you do not who is the singer and what is the title of the song? Since you really like the song so you start asking around your friends by humming the song but your friends have no idea of what song your are humming. Sound familiar?  

 Apple has a new application called Shazam which help you to solve this problem.Shazam is a free application that allows you to hold your iPhone up to a music source, and Shazam will tell you what the song is. (See video below)


  1. Wow, nice design and very high tech!!!^.^
    how much for this iphone??

  2. wow,it is really amazing design for i phone!!!
    thx for sharing this info^^

  3. I aware of this product since last year and its functions are very amazing. It drive me crazy and be fascinated on it. Wish I can own one too. Haha ^^

  4. I want oneeeeeeee *drools*

  5. ya...i also wish to have one but it is quite expensive. but this phone is really cool with its application and the user interface.