Tuesday, March 17, 2009

iPod Shuffle:The most wearable digital music player in the world

Another cool Apple product, iPod shuffle which Apple called it the most wearable digital music player in the world. From the picture above, I have to agree that it is quite wearable because it is very small and colourful. One of my friend is using this iPod and I have a chance to take a look at it. I think the best features of this ipod shuffle is its clip where you can wear it almost everywhere on your clothes.  Besides, a trademark of Apple product, the shuffle is extremely easy to use,  Play, Pause, Skip Forwards and Backwards, that’s all that is there on the front giving the simplest and fastest ways to get some music on. I  found it so easy and intuitive to use even without looking at it, I still can control it with ease. Another great product from Apple.


  1. Wow, this ipod is really cool.how much is it?

  2. this Ipod is currently priced at RM189

  3. This ipod is as famous as iPhone and there is no comparison of the product. The product has been with me for last one year and the sound quality is awesome.