Monday, April 13, 2009


This is another very small product from Apple called Mac Mini. It is a CPU for desktop computer. The first time I look at it, I thought it is a external hardisk. The size of this CPU is as small as a external hardisk. Imagine, you can bring around this CPU like you bring a hardisk, how convenient. It is especially convenient for people who study or work away from their hometown because it is easier for them to bring home the CPU when they going back to hometown. Unlike the conventional CPU where it is so big and heavy. Besides, the design is simple and looks great. COOL product.


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  2. i as browsin through n i found this layout of machbook..
    u might wanna take a look at it..if u like u can use it as ur layout.

  3. ~~~wow, it's cool design~~~
    make me desire to get it!!!^.^

  4. The first time i saw tis i tot it was a dvd player. Haha. This macmini is so cool

  5. Did you know Steve Job is being sued for copyright infringement over the iphone? what you opinion regarding the matter. nice blog BTW.

  6. Dear Arti, thank you for your recommendation but I am quite satisfy with my layout with suit the theme of my blog.Anyway, Appreciate your recommendation. Thanks alot

  7. Dear Sofia, I would like to apologize for taking your brand title,sorry. Since at first you want to take Apple as your blog title, your recommendation regarding my next post will be appreciated. thanks q

  8. Dear Fizhu, Are you talking about Apple being sued for their multi-touch technology of their iPhone? ok, first of all, I do not know the whole picture of this case but from my own perspective, I don't think Apple has infringement over the iPhone because Steve Jobs gets the multi-touch technology from a company where he bought over (there is a previous post in my blog talking about this). Secondly, before Apple launch the iPhone, I don't remember any products that have this multi-touch technology but after Apple lanuch iPhone, now everybody is following them. Lastly, the image of Apple has given me is that they are a very innovative company. They have always been a company who produces product that is revolutionary, something we never seen before. With all this factor, I believe they are not guilty but we have to see, it is just my own opinion.