Monday, April 20, 2009

Time Capsule: The New Age of Internet Router

Apple's Time Capsule is a router with hard drive inside it. Personally, I think the best feature of this gadget is it can back up your important files wirelessly. It also makes sharing easier because other LAN users can use the hard drive in this router to back up and share files at the same time. Users can share the hard drive space and connect to it at the same time. Besides, with an USB port in this router, you can connect a printer with it and then print document without wire to your PC. With this, we can share a printer much more easier. It is very creative from Apple to combine router and hard drive together to make it more convinient for users to do certain tasks.


  1. woow!this product look cool!
    i got few question here.
    1. how the printer print without pc?the router got screen?how it know which document we want to print?
    2. about the hard drive in the many space allow to save in the hard drive?how can people get information from the hard drive?

    i am looking forward for your reply.thx

  2. ok Shenny,
    1.)there are a USB port connected to the router. So u plug in the printer to the USB port, then the printer can be connected to the computer via wireless through the router.

    2.)there 2 available different storage space for this router. there are 500GB and 1TB (Terabyte). You can get the access information in the storage via wireless or connect to it with cable or connect to it with USB port.

  3. ya...Apple design is always nice

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